Free Energy Change of Droplet Formation in a Supersaturated Vapor

NURETDİN Eren, Nihal Büyükçizmeci, Rıza Oğul


The behavior of the pure substances during the condensation of liquid droplets in a supersaturated vapor and, the mechanism of homogeneous nucleation of vapor to liquid droplets that may occur as a result of large amplitude density fluctuations within the coexistence line in the metastable region have been investigated. The free energy change accompanying the formation of a critical water drop is calculated as a function of droplet radius for various saturation ratios on the basis of Fisher’s model (Fisher, 1967). It is observed that a geometric term due to the fact that the surface of a drop relaxes to spherical shape which reduces the total entropy associated with the surface free energy, produces significant changes in total free energy change of critical droplet formation.

Anahtar Kelimeler

supersaturation ratio, droplet formation, saturation density

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